Wallet having money is essential requirement for any kind of payment in the past, become easier with credit cards, not talking about them, but now one can pay with or without the wallets and credit cards with a single touch, using mobile payment.  And Apple pay is one of the most prominent name in providing this service, as it’s clear from its name is a service provide by the Apple Inc. It’s also called as digital wallet through which u can pay anywhere at any time by having apple devices. The service was started only for the users of US but has planned international set up for future.

The devices being able of using Apple pay are as follows: iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPad Air 2, and the iPad mini 3. These devices have a special element in them called as NFC controller, which keep the customer information safe and protected.

Payment through this service does not require a long procedure to follow, one touch is enough to pay with the touch ID.  One just need to keep the iPhone close to the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. You don’t even need to look at the screen about the your payment information, whether it was sent or not. Just a single beep or vibration will confirm that it’s successfully sent.

Iphone users can pay through the apple watch too, one just need to click twice on the side button and bring the face near the watch contactless reader. A mild pulse and tune will confirm that the payment was sent successfully.

Whenever one pays through credit or debt card, the number and identity becomes visible every time but by using this service when someone add their card a different account number is given, inscribed and safely stored in the NFC, i.e the secure element in the iphone, iPad and apple watch. These numbers are never stored anywhere not even on Apple servers. Whenever a person buys something, the device account number with a transaction specific code number is given, and payment is safely done. So the actual credit or debit number can never be displayed.

In one of the event, Apple Ibeacon  declared that now it works with 700,000 stores and that Apple Pay is available in each and every one. Apple started out with just 220,000 locations back in September, and the number increased even much larger month after month and still increasing.

Store boarding passes, tickets, coupons, all at one place - and with Apple Pay technology, they are easily displayed on your phone's lock screen automatically, at the right time is an interactive and reliable website which gives the financier and well-known brands to give up the obsolete dealings of giving out paper coupons and adopt the method of passbook. It is user friendly, proficient and convenient to use.

For better understanding, the tutorials, how to use it, huge amount of options i.e and statistical tools, are available on the website. You just need to plan and select what and how you want to work with it. It’s not like other services, it gives equal attention to the customers whether professional or beginner you are. So what you are waiting for, all the marketing advertisement, payment methods just need your one touch.

connections with your customers by delivering personalized information and pertinent offers directly to their mobile phone, when and where it is required the most.

Passbeemedia.com presents a free demo and a trial version for everyone who wants to know about its working, security and how it’s done. It is very simple to start and one get addicted immediately with its colorful interface and options.

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